Fashion: Accessories that add style


Furthermore the combination of clothes, a look of success also depends on minutiae. Journal of fashion accessories that give this little “something more” eye-catching and finalize an outfit.

Replace its conventional flat or round laces with pretty satin ribbons. Pictured: brogue shoes floral powder pink with pink ribbon lacing.


Wear a mix of bracelets. They are smart, unearthed at the lowest price at H & M, Moa and co, shoppes in young designers on Etsy or handmade, one mixes his watch and bracelets on his wrist for a colorful and original.

Building on two metal cuffs worn on each wrist. In photo: duo headlines gold metal chic (ASOS , € 23.73).

Trendy since last winter: the Peter Pan collar removable to wear a shirt or blouse. Pictured: Peter Pan collar black lace (Pull and Bear, € 9.99).

In line with Peter Pan collar, the shirt collar removable to transform a simple t-shirt shirt with a wink. Pictured: collar with white lace beige powder (Zara, € 19.95).


Stylize his shirt with a bow tie. Pictured: node-printed copper butterfly pea, which can be worn around the neck in the form of banner-knot in the hair (Sessun, 40 €).

In our wrist, we willingly for a crack shows vintage metal fine and classic, shopper or better yet, to steal her mother. In photo: golden square watch retro style (Urban Outfitters , 24 €).

We do not forget of course the thin braided belt to mark the size of a dress, a top or a tunic. In photo: set of two belts braided black and red with gold chain and square loop (Pull and Bear, € 15.99).

This list is just one example of all those little details that add style. And you, what are your tips to give more style to your look?

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