Trend chainmail

Trend chainmail

Focus on a trend likely to get off the podium to the street: it is the coat of mail. This set of metal mesh reminds us of course during the Middle Ages, where they constituted a very useful protection of the head or body. Rest assured, we will not end up with a medieval armor on his back, the inspiration is more subtle, like silhouettes seen on the catwalks Yves Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne.

Trend chainmail

Revision 2013, chainmail silver or gold will be dresses with clean cuts, stress from the curves, but also tops, or just little things like the sleeves. Photo: dress chainmail silver Yves Saint Laurent (left) and straight dress in gold chainmail Paco Rabanne (right).

It is hoped that already Zara, Mango and H & M will take hold of this trend we propose chainmail tops at low prices.

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