Beauty Tip: our anti jet lag tips

Beauty Tip

The holidays are approaching, we are ready to embark. But if we start off, jet lag can ruin the start of the holiday. Our anti jet lag tips to start the holidays off right.

Adopt the pace a long journey, it is well prepared before departure.

A few days before boarding, to set the local time, you begin to adapt his sleep. To do this, it gradually shifts schedules sunset and sunrise to half an hour a day: we go to bed 30 minutes earlier if one starts in the East or 30 minutes later if it goes to the West, like for revival. The more energetic can even customize their meal schedules, food also comes into account in setting our internal clock.

Finally, once the plane, we put his watch on the time of the destination country, it is best to be straight into the bath once there. Expose yourself to the sun once up to help his body to make the local time, exposing her skin to the sun on his arrival, then every day. Rather in the morning if you go to the East (it then puts his sunglasses in the afternoon). If we traveled westward, we take a sunbath in the afternoon.

This exposure to the sun slows down the production of melatonin, the hormone of sleep, and allows at the same time to regulate its internal clock. Mission maximum hydration skin is seriously compromised in aircraft. It dehydrates completely because of air conditioning and pressurization of the cabin where the air is extremely dry. It is important to rehydrate for not reaching the mine defeat. You drink so much water.

In principle, it should drink 1.5 to 2 L of air for 8 h. However, it zaps alcohol and coffee. It also loads us with a spray of thermal water that is pschitte on the face regularly. It then stamps the surplus with a tissue (otherwise, it will dehydrate the skin even more). Finally, we apply as often as possible a moisturizer on your face and body. Good Food Eating the right foods once there can help us recover from jet lag much faster.

We concocted a menu and anti-fatigue with a plate that favors protein in the morning and at noon (they will give us energy, essential in case of jet lag). In the evening, they prefer starchy foods for better sleep. And we do not forget of course fruits and vegetables.

Finally, we take our meals at the local time and were banished snacking. To freshen up on arrival although it’s hard for beauty addicts that we are, we embark in no way make up. It is useless to make up from head to toe to end up with makeup that sank after an hour, the defeated look.

However, it carries with it a small kit with the essentials for a makeover on arrival: refreshing wipes to give pep to the skin, a BB Cream to remake a beautiful complexion, a concealer illuminator for a look again alert and basic makeup like blush, lip balm colorful and mascara. It is getting a pretty face and quickly made shortly before landing. It also slides a hairbrush in her bag, it will be useful on long flights.