Dark Shadows Michelle Pfeiffer, the secrets of eternal youth

Dark Shadows

At 53, Michelle Pfeiffer is still sublime, but how does she do? Focus on the face of the actress showing of Dark Shadows.

In Death Becomes Her, Michelle Pfeiffer is already playing the passing of time, the wrinkles that appear around the eyes … Twenty years later and while there are many actresses – Susan Sarandon in mind – to complain about the lack of roles for “older women” in Hollywood, Michelle Pfeiffer proves it beyond doubt that one can accept the passing of time in style!

If Sharon Stone has found the fountain of youth in moisturizers (and perhaps maybe more), Demi Moore in the arms of toy boys, Michelle Pfeiffer assumes gracefully passing time.

Oh miracle! When Michelle Pfeiffer blink of an eye, nothing happens!

And if her forehead seems to be too smooth to quite natural, we notice that Michelle Pfeiffer is based on the makeup to erase the effects of time: on the eyes, but not a smoky eye shadow golden highlights his blue eyes, an orange lipstick for ouler lips, a blush on the cheekbones coral …