Nieves Alvarez, exclusive to Only Fashion


On the occasion of presenting the latest collection brand Transitions lenses had the opportunity to interview the beautiful former model Nieves Alvarez, a benchmark of Spanish fashion now working, among other things, as the image of brands.

Lovely, smiling, stylish and making sure that even if up with work, is in a very happy time in his life, Nieves Alvarez reveals some of her beauty secrets and many of their tastes in fashion is concerned.

How do you get to be so bright?
I do what everyone should do. I workout, I drink lots of water and occasionally going to give me a massage. But keep in mind that I have the luck to have inherited a very good genetics from my mother.

Any advice specific to the operation side bikini?

There really is not worth bikini operation. Stay at it and try to always carry a healthy life. Practice a little exercise, drink water, not abuse … typical.


How do you like makeup?

I always come home with some makeup no matter how small. By day I like a natural look. I miss mascara and blush, but always very natural tones. At night, I like to give more intensity to the eyes and golden brown shades, although much depends on the look you take.

We see you’re wearing glasses, is a supplement that you like?

I’ve always worn glasses. I have never liked contact lenses. I think glasses are a very fun to mess around with our look. And to me, I like all forms and took a lot. I have now are the Transitions and are very comfortable in enclosed spaces of normal optical and leaving the light of day turn into sunglasses. Very practical.

What are essential items in your closet?

Undoubtedly, the tuxedo. It is a very versatile garment that takes you out of many troubles. You can go a long dinner and go perfect or you can even combine it with jeans to go to a party and be very cool. It is a garment that gets you out of many troubles.

In addition to the tuxedo, one of my essentials are the jeans. I love and I have all ways: skinny, straight, wide leg … I love everyone. It is my pledge of day.

What supplement considered more chic?

Shoes. I’m passionate about shoes and I love them all. By day, always with the pretty dancers, I have a collection that could make a museum. And at night, I like the heels, the Manolos and Jimmy Choo shoes and Miu Miu are among my favorites.

Of the trends this season, what do you prefer?

I like the color scheme. People have lost their fear of combining pink with red or navy blue with brown. I love the colors you see on the street now. These mixtures with these colors so vivid … I love, it means the fashion catwalks has finally reached the street.