Editor’s Pick Women When The Sun Sets 4×4

 Pick Women

A door to start a new month and with this the first rays of summer sun, we present our last Editor’s Pick for Women. The trends this season offers us take our breath away, making a trip back in time to the decade of the 50 femininity to the surface with patterns and shapes worthy of the time when women won by his good manners and bodies goddess. The pastel colors and accessories set the standard hyper sensitive.

Then, our time machine takes us back to the 70’s, where neon colors made their triumphal arrival wave like bohemia, where we chose Linda Farrow glasses to complete our outfits with elegance and mysticism.

The sequins are cast in the closet reminding the disco era, graceful and sophisticated, in shorts Halston Heritage. On the other hand, the call of the wild star makes an appearance in one of the most requested items of the season, the jeans from Current / Elliot, and clutchs and bags Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs respectively.

The studs and black fills our days with sobriety and ultra chic rocker style with pumps from Christian Louboutin and Charlotte Olympia.

The keys are given, and chose their favorite?