Lif Week Special: Sitka Semsch

Sitka Semsch

Perseverance, passion and tenacity are qualities that are in it and have earned recognition as one of Peru’s most important designers and most internationally, presenting twice yearly collections in the Russia Fashion Week. Sitka Semsch, a sensitive artist, natural and innate elegance, found his calling at a young age, inspired by his mother, with a career abroad and internships with fashion designers such as Michael Kors, talent and vision years later take her to the top.

His creations, modern and natural, created for a cosmopolitan woman that will accommodate any reality but always returns to its roots, inspired by the challenges, “leaving the comfort of schedule and see a little further” cross borders carrying the exotic Peruvian international level.

Sitka Semsch

On the Peruvian industry that “the country is beginning, but in order to get some where fashion designer needs a platform to display their collection.” Just what is being achieved with the Lima Fashion Week, in its second edition which Sitka will present their autumn winter 2012.

About their projects and desires, designer dreams parade in the NYFW and says “things go when they arrive and when they do, I’ll be ready”. Meanwhile, Russia’s expected in April and October this year to submit their new proposals. We will continue to watch all their success, we are sure, will be thousands.