Cesare Paciotti: New Stars of Luxury

It is well known that in recent years the accessories have become the protagonists and distinctive style and dressing well, and who better than the Italian designer Cesare Paciotti to talk about them …

The importance of the accessories have gained today is not accidental; Paciotti believes that accessories are responsible for differentiating people, as they have the power to give personality to any outfit. Without them any outfit would look flat and slightly provocative.

Cesare Paciotti: New Stars of Luxury

Paciotti, possessing great artistic sensitivity, constantly claims to be inspired by everything that surrounds it and is perhaps this quality, transmitted in their designs, which makes it the favorite of men and women looking for glamor and subtlety in a pair of shoes, a pair of eyeglasses or a perfect bag.

No doubt their designs that blend the traditional with the innovative, feature collections full of elegance and quality with very provocative proposals that delight lovers accessories.

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