Marc Jacobs Playful Proportions

Marc Jacobs Playful Proportions

Striking and could define the fascinating interplay of proportions, colors and floral prints that Marc Jacobs presents its new collection Resort 2013. The designer was inspired by the photographs of Cindy Sherman clowns for a color explosion.

If something prevents the proposal goes too far in regards clowns is sophisticated tailoring and prints using base in the 70’s. Exaggerated forms and innovative style are the hallmark of this.

Marc Jacobs Playful Proportions

Pieces that embullen in a spirit of giddy optimism that is based on pop art and seventies influences not only leads but on the puffball of the 80’s style 90’s destroyer, all in a unique blend yarn.

Cotton and metallic fabrics, cuts and sequins rigid, modern variations and combinations of Jacobs, are perhaps a sign of the coming trends, is always one step ahead.

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