Watch The Premiere Chanel


Unlike other watches that have a similar appearance, those who are “diving style,” the Chanel J12 is distinguished by its bold shapes, elegant, yet its real utility.

Designed to withstand the pressures under water up to 300 meters, this piece is not only one of the most luxurious creations of the maison, but also the strongest ever made.


The strength of this watch is immediately apparent, even to the untrained eye, the J12 Marine sapphire crystals containing high-strength covering the entire watch face, including the outer circumference, seamlessly integrating the operation and forms.

Prints and equipped with either sapphire blue or black ceramic and high-tech as well as luminescent markers, these pieces are designed with stainless steel with the ease of orientation in mind, even in the toughest conditions.

The Chanel J12 Marine, is available in black or white, both varnished, impressive and elegant, exquisite and practical.