Die Italian journalist Anna Piaggi

It has been an icon in the world of fashion in Italy, and beyond its borders. The journalist and editor of Vogue Italia, Anna Piaggi has died at age 81 at his home in Milan. Anna Piaggi, easily recognizable in the parades of half the world for its unique and flashy outfits, has left behind a difficult legacy to imitate.

Die Italian journalist Anna Piaggi

Pictured in the front rows of the international catwalks, has been a landmark for its eclectic style and transgressive. Either of your colleagues and friends, including Karl Lagerfeld , have expressed their deep sorrow for this great loss.

She has been a benchmark, as demonstrated by the exhibition in 2006 the Victoria & Albert Musem of London held in his honor, with costumes that Piaggi had carried throughout his long career. A style which now leaves us. An important gap to fill.

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