Find the beauty ritual you need with the experts of Clarins


Make-up removal, cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating … we all beauty habits, repeated daily, or adapt to our needs. But are we completely sure that we follow the rituals that would best suit our skin?

Beauty experts Clarins have shown that treatments are not fully effective unless they conform to what our skin needs, or applied in the corresponding time of day. Our skin is not exposed to the same external aggression day than at night, so depending on the time of day will have some other needs. Therefore, the beauty ritual that we continue to be adapted to our lifestyle and the time of application.

A new trend is to adapt our beauty rituals the biological rhythm of our skin, to get to be even more beautiful … Are you ready to change your habits?

To help you understand and find the ritual that suits you at all times, and Clarins organized a live chat on September 26 at 13:00. This time, you can ask your questions to Isabelle Thery *, Clarins International Training Manager, and Katell Vie *, Head of the Laboratory of Evaluation and Cosmetovigilance Clarins.

What ritual will be followed day and night to avoid? Should we always follow the same rituals or should evolve over the years? Why is it necessary desmaquillarse before bed? Should we also desmaquillarnos by Manan? Is it mandatory to combine serum and moisturizer? Is it more efficient to use a night cream to supplement the day cream? Should we always protect the skin from pollution and other external aggressions (sun, humidity, cold …)?


Katell Vie, Head of the Laboratory of Evaluation and Cosmetovigilance, joined Clarins Laboratories in 2003 after eight years working in the field of dermopharmacy. Their mission: to study the skin in all its states to enrich biological and physiological knowledge cutaneous and evaluate the effect of the active ingredients of the products. Katell Vie through Cosmetovigilance department, also ensures the monitoring and treatment of skin intolerance studies. If today Clarins has so few customer complaints due to intolerance or allergy, is precisely because of this service, which is available when needed.

Thery Isabelle is a great expert on what treatments are concerned. Within the training department, she is responsible for training teams of different Clarins beauty rituals for many years. You know better than anyone the particularities of each woman’s skin.