Lady Gaga starred in the cover of Vogue

The American singer is the protagonist of a special edition of Vogue which celebrates its 120th anniversary in September. Lady Gaga captures all eyes with a stunning dress and an afro hairdo.

Vogue, a fashion with more influence within the industry, is risky and has on its cover a revolutionized Gaga that looks like no more an exclusive lilac dress with a particular form reminiscent of an hourglass, a Marc Jacobs design.


The cover has surprised his followers, including his 120th anniversary has taken a back seat to the lush hairstyle Lady Gaga has become the focus of the special issue of September thanks to his huge blond afro.

The cover image is the work of photographer Mert & Marcus and while the singer was responsible for all the honors cede to it on your social networks, it is clear that Lady Gaga knows how to get attention and become a player in key moments, this time on the birthday of Vogue.