Necklace trends Winter 2013

Large chains, braided ropes, large crystals, beads, collars … the jewelry winter 2013 are not in half measures. Spotlight on 4 XXL necklaces that make us eye to the back!


Rock Style: Necklace Multi-channel and red cloth, braided necklace with multicolor (Topshop, € 18).
Chic: bib necklace style Russian empress, encrusted with Swarovski crystals and pearls, coral enamel (Shourouk).
Ethnic Style: Grand rope necklace and leather Navajo pattern, with jet black crystal center model Delphine Blue (Wing Paris, € 115).
Preppy style: necklace collar ecru Claudine rigid chain (Miss Tara, 75 € – Also available in burgundy).