The 10 best foods to lose weight without dieting

Chocolate: Maybe not. Fresh rolls: either. During a diet food become the enemy, we want to add kilos until we get into the pants. But there are a number of foods that help you lose weight. They are low in calories but even so, they quench. In the following pages, we have compiled for you the best. Started with the dough. Fattening or not? We give the nod. The pasta, especially pasta, is a very appropriate food when losing weight.


No calories per 100 grams, so the pasta is in a group of foods with low energy density. The energy density divided food by calories per 100 grams, in three groups: green, yellow or red. Of green food you can eat without getting around until you sacies. This group includes fruits, vegetables and other foods that we will present in the following pages.

Of the yellow foods such as bread and meatballs, you can eat regularly but in small quantities. And you should only enjoy reds, like sweets or alcohol rarely and in moderation.