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Whatever your mood, it is likely that you will find shoes for your feet from the avalanche of news on the 3rd floor of the store Lafayette Homme.

Rather “Rebel”?

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Very rock sneakers Gienchi to play the bad boys. Footings falsely aged, add dozens of nails all over for a look-electric. And if the mood is the color, the Italian brand also offers a model exclusively for vitamin Galeries Lafayette.

Rather “Elegant aware”?

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Newcomer in the field of sneakers, brand Piola pulls out of the game by its ethical and responsible. Transparent, it explains everything from the production process in Peru. It would almost forget that Piola offers foremost as cool as fashionable styles exclusively for Galeries Lafayette.

Rather “Precious”?

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With its quality craftsmanship, the house Salvatore Ferragamo offers for next season what it does best: shoes with impeccable finishing, revealing their sense of detail to the most sophisticated. Enough to seduce lovers of luxury and elegance.

Rather “quirky”?

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Past master in the art of diversion, Jean Paul Gaultier offers retro sneakers with clasps borrowed school satchels for a resolutely shifted exclusively to Galeries Lafayette.

Rather “Double Game”?

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When the basketball teams up with the world of art and fashion, it gives detonating collaborations and highly desirable! Millerain x Puma, Reebok x Jean-Michel Basquiat, Puma x McQueen, the best of marriages offline standards is concentrated at the Galeries Lafayette.

Rather “Class”?

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This season, the label Hugo Boss imposes his talent on a wide range of products, from shoes to stylish city sneakers. Without ever compromising on style and comfort care who made all the difference. Quality Hugo Boss oblige.

Rather “Dandy”?

Unlikely encounter between Italian craftsmanship, sophistication and flamboyance French English shoes Louis Leeman define themselves by their originality and charm. Derbies with slippers, elegant appreciate the uniqueness of these gems exclusively for Galeries Lafayette.

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