Art Jewelry Sybile

Art Jewelry Sybile

I invite you to discover Sybile painter and illustrator who combines his talent and passion for Japanese culture to concoct various objects and accessories in soft accents of the East.

His favorite theme? The female characters in the mysterious and haunting tunes, embellishing and jewelry (pendants, brooches, and rings), badges, pocket mirrors, keychains, original paintings, prints framed, bookmarks, postcards or fans of their delicate features.

Cameo style pendant vintage based on an original painting by designer representing an elegant woman with a pearl necklace around the neck (Feather Pendant Pearls and Lace, Sybile Art, € 16.90).

Art Jewelry Sybile

Cameo pendant silver style vintage with colorful painting of a woman surrounded by poppies (Pendant Miss Poppy Art Sybile, € 13.90).

Cameo pendant with bronze paint a pretty girl with Asian features (Pendant Delicate Orange Sybile Art, € 16.90).

Brooch antique vintage painting with a female character (Pin Cherry Corset, Sybile Art, € 10.90).

Brooch antique vintage painting with a female under mysterious (Pin Mysterious Lady, Sybile Art, € 10.90).