Carven’s daughter, the new Paris

Carven's daughter

While some headliners ready-to-wear French rely somewhat on their laurels, the studious and well inspired William Henry manages to make this season even more vital with young women pointed. If Paris can have moult faces, one thing is certain: his wardrobe is signed Carven…

It is looking at Isabel Marant, and finally at Carven – this fashion house asleep yesterday and now carries a chic contemporary outdated within reach – found the Paris of today, more than ever impulsive, bourgeois, elegant, rebellious and mischievous.

I must say that since Carven decided to leave carte blanche to William Henry, it emanates from the collections of the brand irresistible coquetry with retro accents – and paradoxically furiously modern – who could not leave indifferent young women to see the preppy style be broken in “Saint-Germain-des-Pres”.

Carven's daughter

Add to that the ability of the former Givenchy to create both printed highlights the key pieces – Gargoyle of pull (2011) in the medieval skirt (2012) – as fancy shoes merging timeless vintage flavor – shoes with nodes (2011) – and you get a house showing a growth of over 30%, when Burberry suffered the brunt of the crisis …

By not following any other trend as it enacts, by not allowing any stylistic laziness, season after season by giving his work on the job and not drunk or leaving the plebiscite of the young guard Hollywood (Camilla Belle Elizabeth Olsen, Chloe Moretz), or by the style icon Alexa Chung such, William Henry managed the feat of combining commercial aspect and demanding vision of fashion…

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