How to wear the trend upholstery?

How to wear the trend upholstery

The catwalk outfits winter brings with brocade motif drawn. Stella McCartney, Balmain and Alexander McQueen are among the firms that have chosen this trend packed with silk fabrics and trimmings details. Pants, shirts, shoes blazer and even dare to try.

Does the pattern continue? Avoid full shade palatial look for outfits for day and refilled prints combines basic pieces like pants with a sweatshirt sporty aristocrat, a luxurious top with denim shorts or a dress with some dancers rococo lady.

How to wear the trend upholstery

For evening events can fall in excess jacket with ornate costumes.

But remember, the secret is in balance. Compensates much screen baroque minimalist style complements discrete tones as nude.

Another trick to update damask and give them an urban twist is mixed with rocker-inspired pieces like a perfect jacket or black suede booties.

Follow the example of the most glamorous celebrities and dare to try rosettes and floral motifs without fear of appearing demode.