The Ronds’Chapo

The Ronds'Chapo

If you like hats and hair accessories original, here is a new brand to be missed! These are Ronds’Chapo created in 2007 by the talented Elise, which designs hand a multitude of unique pieces or limited editions.

Hats, caps, headbands and banners in retro, fun and fantasy both up and its collections. A brand that deserves to be discovered as accessories for themselves and for the photographic world in which we plunge with delight. A real favorite!

Ronds’Chapo Collection Fall / Winter 2009-2010

Please find below a selection of the many models that make up the new collection.

The Ronds'Chapo

Cloche hat yellow retro 20s with node on one side (the Ronds’Chapo, 50 € – Also available in pink, purple, beige, red and black).

Donkey Skin capsule made of leather, tapestries, silk and cotton attached around the head by an elastic band (The Ronds’Chapo, 35 € – Also available in blue, yellow and red).

Node headband rabbit ears so wild silk blue (The Ronds’Chapo, € 40).

Headband with veil and leather charm on one side, to wear on the head or on the forehead.

(The Ronds’Chapo, 40 € – Also available in turquoise).

Velvety black band with four colored pompoms (The Ronds’Chapo, € 40).