Theyskens’ Theory: Mineral Electrified

Olivier Theyskens always dazzles. Over the years their collections for theory are becoming better, gaining more followers in their wake. A full view of consistency, clear, remarkable and impeccable. The ease and delicacy of their clothes, the details dark, rock & roll inspired their proposals make a glorious vision. Theyskens is New York and New York is Theyskens, a modern symphony can only be born from the inspiration of this great city and the perfect synergy of both.

Mineral Electrified

A warm palette where minimalism seizes garments, white, black and soft metallic notes coming to reflect a futuristic sense. The details are interpreted in delicate and tiny flowers that house some of the pieces, the fall, the shapes, cutting and of course, the combination of all garments creating a look that makes it one of the best collections for the season. Great, is not it?