The Jewel of Pangaea, the most exclusive cocktail across Asia

The Jewel of Pangaea, the most exclusive cocktail across Asia

When you think about a cocktail can hardly think of diamonds and jewelry. Instead, “The Jewel of Pangea” is the name given to the cocktail that not only is the union of the two worlds of jewelery and drink, but it is also the most expensive in all of Asia.

The idea was born in the Pangea in Singapore, the most exclusive club in the city and among the most expensive in the world, only open three nights a week and where a table varies from 1.600 aa $ 12.250.

The cocktail has a cost of $ 26.100 in glass: the reason is to be found not only in the ingredients of which it is composed, but also in. the ‘ring 1 carat diamond from the house Mouawad.

The “jewel of Pangea”, a collaboration between the jewelry and the club, not the usual drink, even exclusive, where the jewels are the appearance, but a cocktail That Becomes a true luxury experience, as Explained by Sabrina Van Cleef Ault, owner and creative director of the club.

A idearlo the award-winning barman Ethan Leslie Leong: within the glass are applied gold flakes, while the bottom is laid over a sugar cube Which is poured brandy Hennessy and Krug vintage champagne.

The one-carat diamond ring is then tied to a pendant and left hanging inside the glass to see it or “taste” in every sip.

When a customer orders a cocktail, all the local stops and the table becomes the focal point of order: drink “The Jewel of Pangea” is a view of the creators, a true ode to luxury.