What to wear with a plaid shirt red?

What to wear with a plaid shirt red

What to wear with the famous red lumberjack shirt? This piece straight out of the locker room these gentlemen offer multiple opportunities for looks: the most stylish at the roots. 5 ideas for looks with a plaid shirt!

The basic look and always efficient: the mix plaid shirt red skinny jeans + black (or white) + boots. Cote jacket: black leather jacket, parka with faux fur collar, warm coat.

For a look into the western trend of the moment, wearing his red plaid shirt with jeans bootcut blue boots and heels or boots spirit cowboy.

In a more chic style, we love the combination plaid shirt + gray jeans with black shoes ultra-feminine. To warm without hiding his shirt a jacket without sleeves.

What to wear with a plaid shirt red

Good idea to use his shirt as a over shirt, over a t-shirt a bit loose (white or gray), with a chic gray jogging boots and heels or jeans and heels.

The plaid shirt is not confined only pants, it also combines well with denim shorts or a short evening (see photo above). Alternative to shorts: black skirt or imitation leather (mini flared skirt or short skirt).

In short, you’ll understand the plaid shirt, this is the room cool and essential for any wardrobe. A good investment in short shopping!