Trend we love new sneakers Maje

Trend we love new sneakers Maje

Winter is not over yet as our favorite claws have thought trends this summer. Maje even already launched its new pair of sneakers. Attention is highly desirable fashion.

The balances are about to start, but more sophisticated fashionistas know that it is on the new collections that will soon look to be sure to be stylish this summer. Maje, the brand of pampers Paris has understood and has unveiled its summer 2013 line. The program, spare sporty chic, futuristic prints, the lame and little black dresses to die for. In this ocean of news, there is mostly a gorgeous pair of sneakers available in two colors.

Both nice sneaker models meet the sweet names of Bob and Bobby together whatever it takes to make us melt. We love the shape, fine and feminine, combined with refreshing colors. Another highlight, the two bands scratch (or gold snake print depending on the model), which provide a small side street in these sneakers lady.

Between the trend of sneakers and offset the most recent runnings of the port city, Maje keep the best and offers fashionistas of shoes trendy, perfect with a casual look more like a chic outfit. Offer for these wonders, you will still pay 345 euros.

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