Wrangler launches anti-cellulite jeans!

Wrangler launches anti-cellulite jeans

Attention unidentified object for fashion. Wrangler launches new range of jeans that already promises moon. Program: reduction of orange peel legs toned and hydrated. We already dreaming…

Wrangler launched a collection of jeans thoughtful and Spa called Denim.

Claw 100% cotton denim effect promises to pamper our gams via three pairs of jeans different and innovative. The trick? Each pant is enriched with microcapsules loaded with streaming assets which will then take care of our skin. Each jean has its own quality and it will be difficult to choose between the three proposed models, which all have the power to reshape our silhouette.

Collection and Spa offers:Model Summer Blue. Model enriched with soothing aloe vera, it will be charged to calm sensitive skin. Ideal for those who have difficulty rhyming hair and wearing jeans in the same day. – Mid Blue model.

It wants moisturizing and contains squalene, an olive extract which should boost the strength of our thighs and calves. – Dark Indigo model. Here jeans should rejoice more than one. Pants anti-cellulite, it is enriched with caffeine, seaweed, retinol and is responsible for the orange peel fade. We always want to believe.