Erotic Design

Erotic Design

With the idea that its customers to unleash sexual fantasies and put on the skin deep eroticism, Bala Mexican designers Studio, and Andres Amaya Xanath Lammoglia few years ago created a line of furniture designed to have erotic sex different ways.

People are used to hide or keep private in highly sex toys, you might think that this furniture is to be hidden somewhere in the house but the opposite of this, the idea that these two creators had was that just had to spice besides functional furniture for carnal desires are also beautiful and highly decorative.

In 2003 they released their first piece that was well received at the Milan Furniture Fair. Today exhibit of his work at the Museum of Sex in New York.

Defined by the same creators as furniture ideological role does not end with intercourse. They try to create furniture that is as new symbols of eroticism that has to live the contemporary world, erotic opening into the house.

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