Narciso Rodriguez for Her

Narciso Rodriguez for Her

Bringing luxury to the extreme: Narciso Rodriguez for Her, the modern classic fragrance of a perfectionist

Narciso Rodriguez knew exactly what he wanted when he created his collection Narciso Rodriguez for Her. The beautiful black bottle of Eau de Toilette and delicate pink bottle Eau de Parfum, containing fragrances built on the notes of Egyptian musk, precious material that is part of the identity of daffodil affective.

The initial fragrance, her eau de toilette, is the essence of modern refinement, and has been honored as one of the most innovative and successful creations. To bring this luxurious fragrance to a deeper level of sensuality and disturbing, pulse the mixture present in the eau de toilette has been reinterpreted in eau de parfum, lavishing in a new and exquisite composition.

What’s in?

They are composed of a musk unusual beats and a mix of floral, amber and woody.

Who is the creator?

Narciso Rodriguez is a fashion designer born and trained in New York, of Cuban descent and alliance with one of the most prestigious French houses perfumers BPI world, with which created its fragrance. Direct style and glamor with a realistic, redefined luxury.

For that sensual, delicate, contemporary, extremely feminine, elegant and mysterious.