The Best of Peru Casacor

The Best of Peru Casacor

Once a year, decorators, architects, designers and landscape come together in the exhibition of Peru’s most important design to showcase the latest trends in architecture, interior design and landscaping.

PERU CASA COR has become a meeting point between creativity and talent of professionals distinguished by their originality, style and high level of excellence. It emerged in 1996 with the aim of enhancing the architectural and cultural values of the city of Lima through decoration and Landmarks recovering abandoned.

With great success since 1996 Casa Cor, with 1.368 professionals, have recovered and created a total of 992 rooms in 19 houses & buildings in Lima, including 15 Landmarks. Throughout these 17 years Casa Cor has also become an important reference in the cultural agenda of Lima.

It is considered the Exhibition of Architecture, Interior Design & Landscaping largest in the country, the first in the Americas and the second largest in the world.

In this 2012 edition, the historic houses Mujica & D’Pardo in the historic center of the capital have been chosen for total restoration.

Mujica House was built in the mid 1800s in the former Bethlehem Street, Jiron de la Union today. Years later, and few meters, starts building what would become the Casa D’Pardo.

Today, Casa Cor Peru opens up this November 4 and has the presence of 52 spaces decoration, design and landscape, will take 4,000 square feet of the house & the Casa D’Mujica Pardo.

The official themes this year are fashion, style and technology.