Buy yourself some wood sunglasses

Buy yourself some wood sunglasses

It was seeing the wooden goggles and fall in love, a real sight. A must have new, in which pure environmentalism and fashion together to succeed.

No, we have not gone mad in drafting, although wood is an
environmentally friendly product. First many are bamboo, so the soil where plant regenerates 8 times faster. Others are natural wood tea tree, always from sustainable forests.

In our gallery you will find all kinds of proposals: large frames, finishes and textures amazing care. In addition, many models you can choose from polarized lenses or antiglare and always with the quality code CEE.

It is a different product, which is not massively and 100% handmade. Furthermore, since it is a product made of wood, it can be said that no two sunglasses exactly alike.

Where to buy?
Finding them is no longer a matter of being a trendsetter, are in optical and Cottet, Optics Tuscany, or multi brand stores. If you already, it is best to come into their websites and buy directly.

The Spanish have both origin and imported from California.