Choose your jewelry for the season

feather-jewelryDiscover the latest creations, jewelry trend for autumn winter and the latest models created by our designers and stylists. New ideas and contemporary design is to reinvent fashion and be fashionable. Jewelry trends for winter have one thing in common with fashion accessories fashion because it will match essentially necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry. Observe the look of fashion this season and discover that fashion and ethics ethnicity is required and is available in all subjects and in all colors. There’s something for every style and you will emphasize your Neckline your face as well as creating unique look that suits you and highlight your unique personality.

Silver jewelry

For this season a little more chic jewelry sterling silver or silver metal. In this area designers gave focus on style of necklace, style example on your clothes like a turtleneck. The necklace, necklace long pendant provides a chic, urban and trendy. We choose a pendant that matches our tastes, such as a pen or a charm but still a reasonable ethnic, a key, a lucky charm, a totem animal. Jewelry ethnic and tribal style is also very popular during this time of year because they bring a lot of warmth to a dress.

Feather jewelry

This season, especially in the door for the ears because that is how they best express their beauty and charm and singular. The advantage of feather earrings is as they are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Ideal for all seasons, it gives freshness and allows perpetuating the summer even in winter. We love the peacock feathers of gold or silver that is a bit stylized. The earrings are also silver ethnic very popular with fashion fans because they are jewels that have a soul. Winter jewelry pendent colored with shades of brown, red and green associated with natural contents.

Hair jewelry

Every year they spend more and more fashion and they are now fully part of a fashion wardrobe. This is an opportunity to add some color and fun into your hair by choosing colors that give relief to your hair and your gorgeous hair in a snap. For this winter and orange hues with vintage brown and associations that give yellow color sweetness. When your beautiful hair fell on your neck your diamond name necklaces would make it more attractive. Consider also the headband, easy and convenient to put on his head he gives style very easily and is suitable for all women. Trends are the big headband with flowers such as silk, fabric or leather.

The cuff bracelet

These are the most popular for this season with multiple straps. In all cases it is the metal bracelet that will jewelry trendy season. On the door is in wide cuff, silver or silver metal square on a lot of clashing metal strap, shaped differently or similar. With Indian jewelry you can also choose glass bangles that make noise as Indian women. The leather will also return with enough flashy colors such as neon or bracelets hand-painted with motifs of flowers or geometric patterns. The advantage of leather, besides its beauty is also its great lightness that brings a little more every day.

This winter we also like feathers, leather and shells in small melee to metal or silver. A touch of modernity in its entire splendor with cuts classics by young fashion designers who love currents and wave of the future for their creativity and unique expertise in fashion and inspiration graphics, cut and form. So this season, we love metal, shells and fashion ethnic jewelry … chic!

You will find in this space wide selection of ornaments and jewelry in tune with the times, of the collar strap through all styles of rings or silver rings or pearl, earrings and pendants. Lots of colors, shapes, designs, inspirations constantly design the sandstone of our findings. Unique searches for women who love to find different things like that and other rare items and unique.