Idea of ​​look with a camouflage pants

Attention! Season after season, the military style continues to inspire designers. Among the highlights of the season printed: it is the camouflage declined both jackets, shorts than pants. Where to find a not too expensive camouflage pants and wear what? Here’s an idea to look with pants army spotted sporting spirit at only parts mixed in rock style: sneakers black nails and a t-shirt with a black and white photo of the Beatles.

Idea of ​​look with a camouflage pants

Where to find the pieces of this military look rock?

  • Screen printed T-shirt The Beatles Pull and Bear faded black cotton (19.99 euros).
  • Gros gold necklace chain Zara ethnic style rock (22.95 euros).
  • Pants Army Only soft fabric with elasticated waist (39 euros).
  • Zest Bis Ash Baskets studded black leather (225 euros).

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