Mens Zara June Lookbook

Mens Zara June Lookbook

Elegance and simplicity are the hallmarks of Zara man, who has always managed to combine fashion with comfort. So this season the brand is committed to simple costumes, such that we can use this year, and next …

The tones are classic, wardrobe in the shades of gray, black and navy. Combined with white shirts are the perfect look for the office or go to tag events.

As for prices, Zara man is affordable. 79.95 euros is the price of this navy blazer with pinstripe. It can be combined with a shirt for a more casual look, or a shirt and scarf for a more serious look.

Mens Zara June Lookbook

Denim never goes out of style. In Zara men know and offer classic cowboy shirts with a modern twist thanks to tye dye. The bolder the prints can be combined with silk pants, as worn by the model of man Zara lookbook:

Those allergic to American men, because they think they are too serious, can go for the blazer. Modern, urban, this model in beige military air costs 69.95 euros and goes with any outfit.

Fluoride is a tendency reigns this season, but only suitable for the more daring. Zara man’s on the road with this very wearable jersey.

Another trend of the season is the color mint and men can also wear, why not? As in this jacket:

Mens Zara June Lookbook

Summer is the time to wear bright colors, not only the mint, red also these pants that can be combined with softer tones for an understated look, but cheerful:

And you, of all men Zara proposals for the season, which one do you stay?

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