Trends for 2013? Men in Mexico? We tell you What.


2013 Trends arrive in Mexico loaded with surprises. Large firms Fashion risked with bold proposals ranging from the far more elegant irreverent style. Here are some examples.

Analysts Mexican fashion, one of the 2013 trends that are harder arrives prints. Some prints that take many shapes and colors: geometric, animal, art … In this example of Jean Paul Gaultier, the French firm commitment to a curious pattern in the form of brick wall.


Roberto Cavalli also committed prints, in this case animal, black and white in both the American and the shirt dress. The bow looks like a stain over stamped itself.

At the other extreme, we super chic brand Dolce & Gabbana velvet textures, another trend this year will have deep roots. A velvet invading many clothes, from blazers to vests and even accessories and footwear, as in this case Derby shoes.

Finally, another trend that analysts note is that of the garments in burgundy. It is a tone reminiscent luxury and high quality of a product, in this case the wine, which is already in itself a feature that gives prominence to style and who dresses well.

Of all these trends that come in this year, what do you think will win them over? So which one best fits your personality?