Tribal Mango sweater: how to wear it?

The tribal print sweater metallic part parts strong shopper emergency Mango’s new collection Spring / Summer 2013. With what to wear? Here are two ideas for looks imagined tribal sweater with Mango.

Good look with a sweater Tribal with skinny jeans destroy a little, worn and torn on the legs. For feminine touch, pumps bicolor brand Antipodium, very stylish with their transparent tulle inserts on the sides.

Tribal Mango sweater how to wear it

  • Sweater Tribal Mango Metallic mesh (19.99 euros).
  • Pumps for Antipodium ASOS bicolor leather sides with transparent tulle (97.39 euros with free shipping).
  • Vernis Dior Cherie Bow Tutu Rose 155 (21.50 euros).
  • Washed skinny jeans worn LTB (89 euros).

Once the heyday arrived, it’s time to relegate against his jeans Bermuda shorts or denim. As for shoes, for example, can build on western boots, a combination that always works well with denim shorts.

  • Faded denim mini shorts worn effect H & M (19.95 euros).
  • Sweater tribal pattern (19.99 euros).
  • Western style boots Zara flat sand color (39.95 euros).