We Tell You How To Combine Colored Clothing

We Tell You How To Combine Colored Clothing

Although many feel that the keys to combine different colors in menswear are beyond male, reality shows otherwise. Increasingly dare with bright colors in menswear, internalizing the sacred rules to avoid falling into the excesses typical of a clown.

Is the basic principle: in a matter of color, a council is the alliance between white and black insurance that guarantees success in any event. Although it may seem classic, two-tone look or color block will serve to avoid the temptation to use a tie that would put Colorado at Ronald McDonald himself.

We Tell You How To Combine Colored Clothing

If you want to go a little further, try to start by sorting your clothes for men according to the intensity of their colors.

Generally, cold (blue and green, for example) do not make a good mix with the warm such as red or yellow. Unless either a professional of mixed prints, stay away from crosses between these two ranges.

It is safest to combine, for example, a light blue t-shirt with a dark colored blazer. Although street style psychedelia and tectonic claim the stridency of clothing for men, do not lose your head.

Note also your skin tone and avoid mixing colors, but compatible, make it look like a giant ice cream (no clothes added nude man and earth). Have fun avoiding attention with a look of colorblind.

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