Current Fashion Trends with Suitable Cohesion of Garments and Footwear

Looking presentable is not a norm but an absolute necessity. Be it men or women, every individual wants to look and dress in a perfect manner best to their abilities. Hence the fashion and style based equipments constitute the larger part of a presentable and confident self. For men the fashion based technicalities are mostly restricted to the basic clothing but for women looking presentable is as important as looking desirable. The basic clothing requires a touch of worthy accessories in case of women which in turn boost their confidence to a larger extent. The most important factor which has to be kept in mind is the comfort which the dress or the accessory provides as in this modern era comfort signifies the style quotient. Just choosing the well defined set of clothes and accessories is not sufficient as one must also look at the body structure and height to go ahead with the styling. One must keep in mind that the look we don portrays our true signature.

Basics of Being Fashionable

Being fashionable is mostly genetic. Some people are born with a better sense of styling while some have to go through the more gruelling ways to perfect this art. Every individual is not endowed with a good physique and the best of looks. Hence proper planning has to be taken into consideration before trying out the latest suitable trends in the diversified world of fashion:

  • Style Statements – fashion is all about setting trends and not following them. Being fashionable seldom means copying what others are wearing. In turn being stylized aims at setting up one’s own identity which others look to follow. Wearing clothes which enhance physical deficiencies have been predominant due to the prevalent ignorance among women. Women must look to focus on trimming down on the sizeable features while enhancing the not so developed areas. A pear type body will look good if dressed with skirts having A-lines as they help to put off the sight from the excessively bulked areas and tapering the attention towards the competent waist line.
  • Versatility of the collection– a stagnant wardrobe is one of the biggest fashion blunders. One must keep a note of the fact that fashion is dynamic and prone to constant changes. One variant which was popular yesterday could completely go out of fashion within a week. Thus the wardrobe of fashionable women must be kept updated. These up gradations are based on the modernized trends including the occasions which they are donned for. Emphasizing on clothes are important as jeans, tops, skirts etc are bound to be in demand till eternity. The changes which have to be taken into account are the cuts and textures associated with them. The shoes are also an integral part and accessorize the clothing to the fullest. Flats, boots, pumps and stilettos have different structures which match up well only when worn with the correct type of garment. A casual wear seldom goes well with a pair gorgeous stiletto while a gown or one piece looks incompatible with normal sports shoes.
  • Accessorizing correctly– wrist bands, beaded watches, bracelets etc do have a telling effect on the overall looks of an individual. The importance of choosing a correct accessory is as imperative as taking the correct boarding pass for an incorrect flight. One must make a note that some accessories like simple watches go down well with each clothing variant while some are completely specific to the type of garments worn. The hair bands and clips are also integral in enhancing the overall beauty of the individual.

Pairing the garments

Pairing the garments with correct footwear


Choosing the correct garments and accessorizing them with proper footwear can make any woman standout in the crowd. The way she dresses also defines her sense of confidence and makes her way more expressive. Being fashionable completely depends on the aforesaid attributes and much more.


Stay updated on the current trends in the field of fashion including the requirements for being updated alongside the use of footwear and accessories.

Author’s bio – Mary James is a professional writer for Wedding Jewellery and Fascinators. She has a vast experience in writing articles on fashion and beauty and related topics. In this article she writes about the new fashion trends for men and women.