Women and Men Are Getting Amazing Results From Skin Tightening Treatment

Growing older is something that everyone has to do, but looking older is a choice that lots of people are choosing not to make. In order for people to stay looking and feeling younger they’re turning to laser skin tightening, using light and heat to help them keep their skin smooth and taut. This revolutionary skin tightening treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses infrared light to penetrate the topmost layers of the skin and heat the collagen that exists naturally below the skin. This causes the collagen to tighten up, which in turn tightens up the skin. This shows an immediate result, and it can also continue to progress for weeks after the initial skin tightening treatment. However, it’s recommended that for ideal results people get two to three treatments over several months to make sure that the results extend for a long period of time.


Image via: www.skinvitality.ca
The way that these laser treatments work is that as one gets older the skin sags, and the collagen allows for a looser set to the skin. By treating the root of the sag, it’s often possible to smooth out the wrinkles and to help someone get back to the way their skin used to look years ago. This procedure is safe to use, and because it uses light there aren’t any drugs or invasive surgery that has to be done. It takes place in a clinical setting, and there’s no recuperation time necessary. Clients simply come in, have their procedure, and then go about their days as if they’d done nothing more stressful than take a long nap under a lamp.

While this laser treatment is available at the Skin Vitality Medical Clinic, it is far from the only choice people have when it comes to looking younger. Dermal fillers like Juvederm, along with what have become traditional procedures like Botox injections are also available at these facilities. After meeting with one of the doctors at the clinic, they can recommend which treatment will work best for you.  Of course, as with many other procedures, sometimes the results are greater than the sum of their parts. As such, it’s often recommended for some to undergo several different treatments, the combination of which will be better than any one treatment separately. However, it’s always important for clients to speak to the doctors and nurses to determine the best treatment program for them.