Tips for buying a Watch on finance

Whether you are an avid watch collector or you are simply splurging on your very first luxury timepiece, there are a number of considerations any man ought to make before investing in a new watch. While the main appeal of buying a new watch is all down to having a new timepiece to show off at various occasions, many people enjoy buying watches as they know that certain models will actually increase in value over the years.


If you are buying a watch as an investment, here are 5 essential considerations that you should make prior to making that purchase…

Do your Research

Before you even think about buying a timepiece as an investment, it is important to do a little research first. Going to see a watch specialist is a good way to start, as they can advise you on which watches are rarer than others, as well as which brands are likely to go up in value over the years.

Vintage or New Model?

The next consideration you should make is whether you should choose a vintage watch or invest in a new model. New watches generally lose their initial value when you purchase them, and rise in value after years pass. Therefore if you are looking for a quick return on your investment it is advisable to go vintage. Older watches have had years to rise in value and, depending on their rarity, they are likely to continue to rise in value for plenty of years to come.

Pay now or choose finance?

Luxury watches can be quite expensive, leading brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer and Cartier stretch to quite hefty price tags so unless you have saved up the full amount, you could purchase the watch on finance. Many watch and jewellery retailers offer interest free watches, allowing you to pay off the full cost of your timepiece over a set period. Interest free is the best finance option as you don’t have to pay any additional costs for interest.

Is it a Limited Edition Timepiece?

Some watch making brands produce limited edition watches along their central watch collections. Limited Edition watches are generally introduced to celebrate the history of an iconic watch model, as seen with Rolex’s new Daytona Cosmograph Rainbow which acknowledges the strong history of the original Daytona watch. Limited edition watches have a limited run, meaning that only a few hundred watches are actually created in this design – therefore, limited edition watches are often rare so usually increase in value over time.

Keep it in good condition

The best trick for making sure your investment watch rises or maintains it value over the years such as the IWC Aquatimer watch range is to ensure that you keep it in the best condition. You only have to look at a few vintage watches to see that they will receive a few signs of wear and tear, which are fine, but if you wear your watch regularly you could risk damaging it and having the value decreases as a result.