Convert Jewelry and Other Valuables Into Cash


Selling valuable pieces of jewelry is a great way to get extra cash. Here in the U.S., now is an excellent time to sell your diamond and gold jewelry due to the increase in the value and high demand. Many people around the world visit jewelry boutiques to acquire the highest prices for gold, diamond and silver possessions. You may have owned a piece of jewelry or silverware for many years. Vintage items are in high demand, especially valuable gold and silver metals and authentic stones. The items may be considered heirlooms in your family and may be worth thousands of dollars, depending on its value. If you’re planning an estate sale or interested in converting a small number of jewelry into cash, each jewelry piece must be appraised to determine its current worth. Whether you are selling a watch, diamond ring or sterling silver flatware, an appraisal is the best way to determine the best price for the jewelry.

The appraisal value depends on several factors, including the weight and authenticity of the jewelry. The condition and the extent of any damages are also important factors. An experienced appraiser will evaluate the item and give you a fair estimate on the value. Once you determine the selling price and agree to sell you items to a jeweler, you should be able to easily obtain the cash immediately. You can either walk into a jewelry store, like the Diamond Exchange, that accepts used jewelry or sell your items online.