Wedding dresses for pregnant, what should I wear?

We know how hard it is to be pregnant and find a dress to go to a wedding. Not that we know that we have something to tell you (for now and for a long time, at least on my part), you do not know the amount of email we receive with the subject:  wedding dresses for pregnant women.

I have to say that I found it extremely difficult to find anything, so I can imagine what you are going through! Sometimes it’s a nightmare to find something to attend a wedding guest so if you over “tummy” it gets tricky!

Anyway continue to investigate and if you want us to make a recommendation, it is more than welcome!

We started with Mango! I have reviewed the collection of Violet, by that which are slightly larger sizes, and nothing! So on the web, I searched straight cuts that could be worth us!

My proposals are these Mangos!



At Zara I found this one that I think we could be worth. I think the theme capita could be great!


In Hoss two options. A cut pretty wide hips and a loose dress that can bind with one hand to the height you want, just below the chest is the best choice!



And do they have anything specialized Pronovias! I remember the time in which perfect for pregnant women, but now there is nothing or very little is wearing empire cuts! The only thing is to seek proposals not belted at the waist and pretty vaporous fabrics.




Inspiration can come to us of the pregnant celebrities and walks the red carpet ! We recall some looks like Jessica Alba and Kirsten Bell. Again the empire waist is king Cundo it comes to dresses for pregnant women.



Kerry Washington cradles her Baby Bump at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party **USA, Australia, New Zealand ONLY**