The perfect city to do a big shopping


Do you want to update your wardrobe or home? So plan a days shopping in these four orbs filled with style … and shopping!

You know what they have in common New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston ? No, it is not spoken in English or anything on football. What unites them is their love of shopping. They are the perfect places for a weekend dedicated to pamper your wardrobe , bookcase, kitchen or desk. From its famous avenues and elegant shopping malls safe away with overweight suitcase.


Why? You really need to explain? For the pleasure to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, go to theaters, making Sunday brunch, take a walk in Central Park, MOMA for love, because it’s New York, period.

Where to buy? Input in 5th Avenue, that something has earned its reputation: it is not only the place where you find the most exclusive brands, but also, it’s where they are its flagship stores in North America, this ensures you have the complete line for your entertainment.

Union Square is also a good alternative. In this place, where four days a week, offers an organic market, brands such as department stores are located: Lululemon, Puma, Forever 21 and Barnes & Noble. And if you prefer the flat enclosed malls, New York has something for you, on the Manhattan Mall, seated on Broadway, there are just over 20 stores waiting.

Did you know? ‘s always crowded Apple Store, located on 5th Avenue, is one of the most photographed buildings in the entire city.


Tip: All clothing, not including accessories, which cost $ 110, are less than tax-free, so forget about adding the tax



Why? If New York and San Francisco have a daughter and send you to boarding honorable ladies in Europe, the result would be Chicago. In other words, this city combines the best of many worlds: trend, art, elegance, lots of history and very warm people.

Where to buy The Magnificent Mile is the name colloquially receives a mile stretch of Michigan Avenue where popular U.S. stores are located. In addition to the departmental: Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Barneys New York, find classic brands you’d find in a typical American mall.

And last but not least, the mile ends with a mall, the 900 North Michigan Shops, hosting at least 70 stores in seven floors.

Did you know? Many European clothing brands selected Chicago as one of the gateways to the continent to try their luck. Two good examples, located in The Mag Mile, are British brands Topshop and AllSaints.


The famous hotel The Peninsula offers a special program designed for fans of shopping: Pen Academy Shopping Experience.



Why? ‘s close and it is possible to reach easily, even by car. You eat well and against many prejudices, there is one other museum and theater premier. In addition, the hotels in this city, including luxury, are considerably cheaper than in most major U.S. cities.

Where to buy The Galleria is the largest mall in Texas with nearly 400 stores and increased to 223,000 square meters, so you do the math, almost five times the Zocalo of Mexico City. The complex also houses two Westin hotels in the chain and a skating rink. And if you like the outlets, then Houston is for you, three major shopping centers are located in the periphery of the city: Katy Mills, Houston Houston Premium Outlets and Tanger Outlets.

Did you know? In Texas there is a program of tax rebates on purchases made ​​by foreigners. Just save your receipts and, before leaving, present them at the airport and get the corresponding amount.


If you want to discover the shops of local designers and trendy scene hand Houston a personal shopper, do not stop contact Rebecca Matthews Image and Style.



Why Caloricity round and near the beach? What more could you want to combine shopping with amusement parks, movie studios and lounges, mojitos and tan. The entire characteristic glamor Southern California.

Where to buy luxury if you want no more: Rodeo Drive. Well, there is indeed, a lot, but this street in the neighborhood of Beverly Hills, so famous for its exclusive shops and the many times he has been on a TV show or movie should not miss in your list. If you prefer something more wallet friendly The Grove is a large outdoor shopping center featuring dancing fountains, trams and no less than 35 stores.

Did you know? In Los Angeles many local products that are successful worldwide, as American Apparel and sunglasses known LA Eyeworks manufactured.

The Grove shopping center is like a small city with endless shopping possibilities.