Designer Clothing: How to Afford Them


A lot of us would love to wear designer clothes every single day, but cannot. This is because as you may have guessed they are expensive. Well, not all designer clothes you come across will be expensive, but they are still not the type of clothes that the average person can afford to buy and wear every day. This then leaves you with two choices: look for an alternative or buy non-designer clothes. What you may have forgotten to think about is savvy shopping and today we will give you a few tips on to you can afford to buy designer clothes by being a savvy shopper.

The first thing you need to do is conduct some research. You must know your designer brands and this doesn’t simply mean that you know their brands and logos. You also need to understand their price ranges. This way you are able to identify which designers you can afford and the ones that are considered to be expensive brands. The good news is that there are designers that provide designer clothing for cheaper stores and those that create a line for a cheaper price tag which makes them affordable to the average person.


If you identify an online store with designer clothes you like, we advice that you sign up to their mailing list. This way, you are well informed on deals and discounts as they are made available. This is very important especially for people who want to spend less on designer items. Why? Because you get this information first hand from the store which means that you are one of the first people to find out. You can therefore begin shopping before the information spreads and usually it spreads like wild fire. You can also bookmark the site and constantly check back to see if there is new inventory. When most stores have new inventory, they will drop the prices of their previous collection.

Shopping off-season is one of the tricks savvy shoppers use to find affordable designer clothes. You can bet that the clothes that are in-season are in high demand which makes no sense for the seller to offer discounts or price cuts. When off-season, they have to find a way to sell the previous season’s clothes which means reduced prices and lots of discounts. Another trick to finding affordable designer clothes is staying away from trends. Buy clothes that suit your style. Clothes that are currently in vogue often come with a much steeper price tag and what’s even worse is that this may not be an item that you will want to wear in the next few months. Our recommendation: ditch trends and stick with style. Designer clothes give you an identity and the last thing you want to do is waste money on clothes that you hate. Make your bucks count by sticking to your personal style.