Let’s talk about innovations in terms of nail art, nail trends for summer 2014 of shape, color and length of the nails. We do this by the help of Martina Solinas, beautician specialized Nail Art Tutor in the first and second season for the program FACT THAT broadcast on RAI 2 and led by Catherine Bailiff. Martina Tutor NAIL ACADEMY Pupa Milano. Here’s what he said.

Which is – by far – the color that you prefer for your nails apart from trends and seasons?

I love the blue on the nails and also I really like its shades, from lightest to darkest. I love all its nuances.


What are / will be the three most important trends for summer 2014 nail art theme and / or colors? What are the key trends you that every reader should try to least once – this summer?

Resists the ‘nude effect that we also found in the last season, they return the decorations 3d actually have never really gone out of fashion and come in more than a novelty that I find really nice and fun, that all we have to try at least once, it is some nail stickers with symbols, numbers and letters with which we can create the actual messages directly on our nails.

What will be instead the most important trends with regard to the length and shape of your nails, always talking about Summer 2014?

This year, the length should be the average and the shape of the nails slightly pointed. but despite the trends, are of the view that the shape and length of the nail should be chosen based on their hand and not what is in fashion 😉