Care Products for Men: Body & Hair


At no time of year more skin is shown as in summer – even from men. Therefore, the Trinity “trimming, creams and cleaning” these days do not come too short and if possible be extended to the whole body. Our Care Guide provides five players in front in the fight against typical summer beauty problems. The team-up: Remmington, Anthony Logistics, John Masters, Molton Brown and Jack Black.

Mild morning: “Blue Sea Kelp Body Scrub” by Anthony Logistics

Many scrubs came recently into disrepute because they use small, pointed plastic beads to remove dead skin cells and pollute the environment in a roundabout way. Who would not like to give up the deep cleansed feeling after a shower, can rely on natural alternatives: the “Blue Sea Kelp Body Scrub” by Anthony Logistics for example, cleans gently with sea salt. Extracts from seaweed and aloe vera nourish the skin in addition and make the blue gel to the appropriate companion for the daily morning routine.


Keeping cool: “Cool Moisture Body Lotion” by Jack Black

After the shower body lotion do not forget! Even if you do not spend hours frying in the sun, UV rays, dryness and heat of the skin can enforce strong. Clever is the one that uses the same care experience for a fresh kick. The “Cool Moisture Body Lotion” can be applied after the workout and coats the skin within thirty seconds with a cooling feeling – also works excellently in advance or under tightening.

The handheld vacuum cleaner for the bathroom: Remmington MB6550

The shaver “MB6550” by Remmington is a grooming gadget for those who have no time or desire to clean her sink continuously. Primarily suitable for the casual designer stubble, the trimmer (almost) all devouring stubble, and can be emptied easily with two handles. A pleasant side effect is that the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner makes for a cool breeze on the body. He that to trim all body hair, you should check your battery level before. A charge lasts namely for about an hour.

Adieu, Struwelpeter: “Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer” by John Masters Organics

A hilarious day in the sun, swim in the sea, a fresh breeze and it’s over with the well-ordered mane. Also hair can get something like a sunburn and feel suddenly dry and bristly. Thus, the mat again sitting for dinner good, we recommend the “Dry Hair Defrizzer” by John Masters Organics. With organic oils the hair serum smoothes brittle hair and gives it back its natural shine.

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New garment, proven content: “Samphire Body Wash” Molton Brown

The British Molton Brown are known for especially aromatic shower gel creations and present for summer a product mimicking the emerald green waters of the South Seas. Strictly speaking, it is the “Samphire Body Wash” only a Neuflage of “Energising Shower Gel Seamoss” what the best mix of seaweed and horse chestnut does not detract. A rather harsh shower gel, ideal as a refreshing kick towards evening.