Designer Fashion 2014 – Trends for Men and Women


Each year, the anxious question: Can I use my expensive designer fashion wear achievements from the previous year or are they already out of fashion? To answer this, one must know how the fashion trends for 2014 will look like.


Often only change shades, so you clothes from last year can still spice up with a few current accessories. Sometimes, however, the fashion styles change abruptly. Since then helps only decommission. But read for yourself: What 2014 trend in designer fashion?

Madonna has shown us in the Nineties: bras, corsets and bustiers are no longer underneath, but openly stated worn.


In line with this is 2014 not dress without more transparent fabrics and opulent lace from. In combination with glamor and glitter, these designer fashions may 2014 act seductive and erotic. Some designers, however, interrupts this consciously and combined lace and chiffon with high-tech materials and colorful, neon-colored plastics.