Frida Giannini: The woman behind Gucci

Frida Giannini The woman behind Gucci 2

While in the 1990s, Tom Ford Gucci brand dusted, Frida Giannini made with the accessories for the most sales of the Italian house. Then Ford went Giannini took the creative responsibility and set a second time under Beweisn how important it is as ambitious designer for Gucci.

Your days will begin at nine clock and end no earlier than the evening at eight. Frida Giannini is highly organized, has a tightly timed schedule and still looks about each part in a collection development. Giannini is responsible for the ladies’, men’s and children’s fashion, for the sports collection, shoes and leather goods, watches, fragrances, eyewear and jewelry.

It emphasizes Frida Giannini, the – as Giorgio Armani – mostly everything oneself. It delegates some of its tasks, although their 50 designers, but the scepter remains in her hand. Since 2006 she has in the house of Gucci everyone and everything among themselves. In their eyes, the role of the designer is no longer limited to the tailors. You must be omnipresent and equally responsible for collections such as for advertising campaigns and store concepts.


The high turnover Frida Giannini

She is the woman at Gucci, which provides revenue for decades. Already in the 1990s, she continued to 86 percent of total revenue alone with accessories. That Gucci makes annual three billion euros today, is also the tight labor hiring Frida Giannini owe.

Something like Giannini in her ambition predecessor Tom Ford is so different are the two styles of the designers. Tom Ford’s Gucci designs were always mentioned in connection with the attribute “sexy”. Giannini designs but even “romantic”, sometimes “tough” times “vintage”. According to its own statement, the collections reflect her personal style. Thus, the designs remained authentic.

The right personality leads to success

The right personality, the’ve been doing half of personal success from, Frida Giannini told in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. One must believe in yourself, make sacrifices, be talented, team-oriented and humble at the same time. Even as a child born in Rome have liked to draw.


As Giannini began studying at the Fashion Institute of leaving school, her parents thought she be fulfilled a teenage dream, and thought little of their success. But surely, Giannini worked in the male-dominated world of fashion at that time high, began in 1997 and left in 2002 to Fendi Gucci. Four years later appointed her to head designer. Meanwhile stood, so Frida Giannini, her parents behind her and would never miss the show.

The emancipated designer Frida Giannini

Despite high workload remains their room for Private: She is a passionate horsewoman, has a collection of 7,000 vinyl records. Alternately in Rome and in Florence she lives with Gunnar, a German Shepherd and Ulysses, a Great Dane. In addition to her work as a designer committed to Frida Giannini for UNICEF and founded the charity initiative “Chime for Change” to strengthen the rights of women. For this purpose, Frida Giannini could always regain prominent women for support. She collects donations to raise awareness of the rights of girls and women.

With her emancipated way Frida Giannini is the best model.