Mystical and magical jewelry


Jewelry is for many women, not just a fashion accessory, but also acts as a talisman and good luck. Certain symbols, a protective effect is awarded, which preserves the wearer from the influence of negative powers.

Among the most famous certainly is one of the Christian cross, but there are also plenty of other gems, are said to have magical powers. This symbol is interpreted differently depending on the culture. It can represent the endless cycle of life and death, healing and wisdom or goodness. The Greek designer also frequently works with the “Evil Eye”, the devilish powers keeps.


Mythology as inspiration jewelery

The inspiration for such jewelery is derived from the mythologies of the world cultures. Greek sagas provide suggestions as well as Celtic cults, ancient Asian traditions or Indian symbols. Many celebrities wear magic jewelry, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, for example, are proven snake jewelry fans.

A fairly new trend in the area are also the Engelsrufer – small sound balls on chains whose tender blades summon guardian beings. Equally popular are Chakra jewelery pieces that are borrowed from the Asian Doctrine of the energy centers. Pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets are designed to promote the harmonization of these centers.


Legends of Atlantis to elves

Often, mystical jewelry also serves fabulous symbols. From the world of fables and fairy tales come about elves, fairies and witches, and animals such as dragons and unicorns. They are processed into jewelery in all variants.

Myths like the legendary Atlantis find himself manifested with its own symbolism in the form of jewelery. These include the dune or the Triskilian, which consists of three swirling spirals, representing the kingdoms of the middle world, the world above and the underworld.

The fantasy of mystical jewelry are actually no limits – from the simple form of the doctrine of the effectiveness of certain gems to esoteric amulets. Each wearer finds their individual piece of good luck and protection.