The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring / Summer 2015

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring  Summer 1

More than 40 designers presented at the ended yesterday, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin their collections for summer 2015. And even if the main location had to give this time of the Fan Mile and was banned in the Wedding district, the star cast was unusually high. Experiments, however, were not ventured on the fashion week, but we stayed with the tried and true.

Yellow is back. Ever pastels, as well as light green and baby blue are significantly shape the summer 2015, at least as far as the fashion. In general, the fashion, however, came therefore quite unobtrusive and ideal for everyday use. With a few exceptions, hardly anyone seemed to fall out of line or want to even break a taboo. The largest birds of paradise were not going on the catwalk, but sat in the audience.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin shows down to earth

At least when it comes to naming their creations – But despite the earthiness that ran through a lot of the shows, the designers seemed to her collections always want to float a little above the ground. Riani with “Sky and Sand” or Marc Cain with. “Magic Circus” Marcel Ostertag, the Model Mentor, even put the question: “Is this the real life.” and let the psychedelic patterns on his creations speak for themselves Miranda Konstantinidou held with their brightly colored “Jungle High Flashback” collection actually what they promised, just like Lena Hoschek , which as usual lies to bear on her show a lot of color and vitality. And Frida Weyer coincided with their feminine and romantic wedding dresses on adorable way.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring  Summer 2015

Great Expectations at Guido Maria Kretschmer

Great expectations were naturally at Guido Maria Kretschmer, who was something like the “main act” at Fashion Week. But somehow it seemed as if he wanted to please everyone with his collection. That was at the expense of rigor and many wondering where he left the red thread in his designs.

Great graduation party of Michael Michalsky

Michael Michalsky made with his Stylenite on Freitg evening at the Tempodrom once again the fashion dolls dance. In Tempodrom the champagne flowed, appetizers were squashed and two fashion shows by Michael Michalsky (initially men, then women) and shown one of the Berlin designer Esther Perbandt. The musical Rita Ora conjured themselves the guests of the Front Row (including Klaus Wowereit, Natasha Ochsenknecht, Ursula Karven) a smile on the lips.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring  Summer

Ice rink instead Brandenburg Gate for the Berlin Fashion Week

That the big Fashion Week tent was not this time built up in a prominent place at the Brandenburg Gate, but had to give way to the right, hidden at Erika Hess Stadium, could it have taken to ensure that the fashion week in the public perception has been forgotten is. But by the whole event seemed much equalized. There was plenty of space to relax and spread out and you were not overwhelmed by crowds. For visitors like that, apart from the access roads, have been much more pleasant.

Hilary Swank and Tilda Swinton enrich the Front Rows

Overall, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was the tried and true. Programs, shows and designers were very similar to the last fashion week in January. But so slow dare the fashion capitals of Paris and New York to Berlin and take a look because you will understandably not go wrong.

Because in addition to the many national stars like Franziska Knuppe and Katja Flint, also Hilary Swank and Tilda Swinton joined this time with in the Front Row. For the organizers this is at least a sign that the Fashion Week in Berlin is on the right track. It will be interesting – it is high time that the Berlin Fashion Week learns to walk on the global catwalk.