5 Ways to Look Better in 2014


Our self -confidence often seems to depend on how much cellulite we have, how flabby our upper arms are, or whether we’re carrying a few extra pounds. We all tend to feel more confident when we know we look good and can get into those super tight jeans again. While it’s unhealthy to obsess about how we look, there are lots of ways to get more body confident in 2014.

1.       Take a measured approach

If you could do with shedding a few pounds, approach your goal in the right way. Rather than hitting the gym for six hours on the 1st January, be realistic and take a measured approach. Go to the gym a few times a week and track your calorie intake. For stubborn areas of fat you could consider trying different non invasive technologies that has been found to be highly effective when it comes to shaping and slimming the body.

2.       Banish cellulite for good

Cellulite is another body issue many of us has to contend with – if so, make 2014 the year you finally tackle it. While there is many products on the market that claim to reduce cellulite, they can take time to work. Exercise can be helpful when it comes to reducing cellulite, but it doesn’t always banish the stubborn dimpled skin on the backs of the legs or on the abdomen. The unique combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF) and Infrared light energy – along with a mechanical massage element and vacuum – can get you excellent results in just a few sessions. Unlike other cellulite treatments, Velashape actually shrinks and reduces fat cells resulting in a visibly smoother effect.

3.       Ditch the diet

Dieting is a route many people go through at the start of the year, in a bid to shape up and lose weight. However it’s not wise to deprive yourself too much. It’s better to focus on having a healthier diet that includes more fruit and vegetables, proteins and whole grains – since this will leave you more satisfied and less prone to snacking. Also it pays to plan ahead when it comes to eating – if you have a big night out coming up and know you’ll be splurging, then make sure your meals throughout the day are healthy and filling. Then instead of eating too many canapes, you’ll be more inclined to stick to a few light bites. Having a glass of fizzy water in between cocktails will also mean you’re less likely to reach for tempting treats.

4.       Do something you enjoy

If your idea of hell is hitting the gym, it’s pointless trying to incorporate this into your life. Instead find an activity you really enjoy whether that’s gardening, walking the dog or yoga. An hour spent weeding can burn as many calories as running a mile and it’s an effective way to tone up muscles.  Look for the nearest gym, and make sure to choose one who will make you feel comfortable and motivated to exercise. You may go to spa for more feeling better and become fresh. GiGi Salon Spa could be your best choice for doing spa.

5.       Show off your shape

Find out what you like about your body so you can highlight it. If you have a small waist or great legs then find an outfit that flatters. If you don’t have a waist tries inventing one by opting for a cropped jacket over a dress. If you have a long body tries wearing a cropped jacket over a T shirt to raise your waistline – those with a shorter body can try a drop-waist skirt or tunic over pants. Velashape can also help you improve the parts you like the least, a common one being the thighs. After just a few sessions many people notice a significant decrease in the circumference of their problem areas. Afterwards you can feel free to show off your new toned pins in a pair of skinny jeans!

Other ways to look and feel better in 2014 include being more positive about yourself. For starters stop weighing yourself all the time – limit yourself to once a week then take the average of the past 4 weeks’ weigh ins to get an accurate picture. Weight can fluctuate for many reasons – it can even go up if you’ve been drinking lots of water. Secondly try to see yourself as others do – they are far less likely to see you in the unflattering light you do. Rather than being your own worst critic banish negative thoughts and focus on your good points.  Have a great year!