Turning Up the Volume (In Your Hair)


It used to be something that rolled off the tip of a hairdresser’s tongue, but now the term “volume” has been embedded into the average person’s vocabulary. We’re all looking for that elusive volume in our hair although unfortunately, we don’t all get it.

Fear not however, there are various tips that you can adhere to in a bid to make your hair boast the above quality. We’ll now take a look at some of these suggestions to help you rid yourself of the dreaded thinning style.

Squeeze out the volume

This first tip almost sounds ridiculous, but it does actually work. Immediately after washing your hair, take a towel and squeeze small portions to dry it. The idea isn’t to avoid the use of a hairdryer, although this obviously helps in some regards, but to roughen up the hair cuticles. This prevents them from lying flat and immediately gives them at least a little bit of volume.

Take to specialist products

We’d be lying if all you need to do is take a towel to your head every few days. In a bid to maximize the volume from your hair, specialist products have been developed which contain ingredients designed to transform that thinning hair of head. Some of the results are staggering, as you can see from this example over at Toppik.

Lift it up

As we mentioned previously, in an idea world we’d avoid the use of a hair dryer. However, needs must and all that, so sometimes it’s an absolute necessity. In these cases, make sure you clip up the front of your hair and the roots with a jaw clip, before then proceeding to dry.  While we’re not completely sure on the science behind this practice, the results speak for themselves and your hair will immediately appear to have more volume.